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cv mitra dunia palletindo
cv mitra dunia palletindo
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Name:Mr. anto [Marketing]
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Y!: ant_too09 Y!: ant_too09
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Address:ruko graha mas pemuda blok ac 12 jl raya pemuda rawamangun
jakarta timur, Jakarta
Untuk Pemesanan Packaging Kayu/ pallet/ creat/ box serta sertifikasi ISPM # 15
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Registration Date:Nov. 24, 2008
Last Updated:Oct. 21, 2011
Business Nature:Manufacturing, Trade, Service of Industrial Supplies category

Company Brief

We are " Mitra Dunia Palletindo " as a Provider of ISPM No 15 and Woden Pallet & box Supplier

Major Products / Services
  • packeging house pallet kayu & peti kayu
    menerima jasa dalam pemesanan pallet & peti kayu
    standar ISPM #15

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